Our Team

A small firm located in downtown Anchorage, we are ideally sized and configured to deliver the highest quality service to our clients, regardless of the complexity of the legal issues.

Traci Emerson


Traci is a born and bred native to the Pacific Northwest, having grown up in Oregon and moved to Alaska after college in 2007. She attended Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, where she graduated with a B.A. in French Language & Literature. Wanting to travel, she ended up working in tourism here in Alaska for four tour seasons, fell in love with Alaska, and it wasn’t long before she was living her year-round.

After working in the Alaskan tourism industry, teaching for a year in the Anchorage School District, spending a year abroad in France teaching English, and finally landing a job at the Anchorage District Attorney’s office, she decided to pursue her own legal education and left Alaska in 2014 for the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she just recently earned her J.D. in May of 2017.

Beyond the practice of local Alaskan law, she has research interests in international law and human rights, including extensive research on current refugee issues in the United States. Currently, she is awaiting her Alaska bar exam results, but for now Traci is thrilled to be back home in Alaska, and on her off-time can be found hiking, reading, cooking, or probably studying a foreign language.

Caitlin Clark

Legal Assistant

Catlin was born and raised here in Anchorage. She graduated from East Anchorage Highschool in 2008 (with Emily Soule!) and is currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology along with a minor in Psychology. If all goes as planned, she will complete her degree in December 2017. Prior to joining the Law Office of Brent R. Cole, P.C., in 2014, Catlin worked at the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office and the Law Offices of Gregory J. Grebe.

When not focused on her work with the Firm or her studies, Catlin is an avid adventurer. She makes it a point to explore and appreciate our wonderful state. In the summer season, you will find Catlin on the mountains or training for her next athletic triumph looming on the horizon. Never in a state of inertia, Catlin plays hockey in the winter; although she has played for several teams over the years, Catlin prefers a pick-up game, or pond-hockey, to sanctioned events.

Emily Soule

Legal Assistant

Originally from Anchorage, Emily graduated from East Anchorage Highschool in 2008. Thereafter, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Brigham Young University- Idaho in 2013. After returning to Alaska in 2014, she was crowned Miss Chugiak/Eagle River and was a runner-up in the Miss Alaska 2014 pageant. Presently, she is attending the University of Alaska Anchorage in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies along with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Emily worked for BYU-Idaho as a seamstress and IT consultant; for several years, she also worked as an orthodontic assistant prior to assuming her role with the Firm in early 2017.

Typically, Emily is a home-body who prefers to spend time with her cats: Newton, Einstein, and Kes; however, she is not opposed to going on the occasional fair-weather adventure. As an exceptionally uncoordinated individual, Emily enjoys activities such as: reading, sewing, painting, hiking, jogging, weight training, swimming, archery, and kite-flying.