Commercial Fishing

Your time is valuable. Spend it fishing, not in court.

Alaska’s waters are home to some of the most productive commercial fisheries in the world. Commerical fishing is and has always been a large part of Alaska’s economy. Alaska’s commercial fisherman work in some of the world’s harshest enviornments. They endure isolated fishing grounds, high winds, seasonal darkness, cold water, icing, and short fishing seasons where very long work days are the norm.

With the expanding presence of the Alaska State Troopers on the fishing grounds, the fishing industry is seeing an increase in criminal prosecution. If you have been ticketed or are facing criminal charges related to fishing, we can help to protect your interests, permits, and rights. Most importantly, we can appear in court on your behalf to keep you on the water.

Woelber & Cole, LLC has 20 years of experience handling fish and game violations around the State. Your time is valuable. Spend it fishing, not in court.

2017 Commercial Fishing – New Client Documents

New clients – Please review and fill out the four .pdf documents below. You can download and fax the completed forms to (907) 277-8002 or email them to If you need assistance in preparing the forms or cannot fax/email, please call us. Ensure you choose the documents for your permit type and location!

These forms must be filled out by all new clients, including repeat customers. The engagement letter outlines the scope of our representation, our fees, and our duties and responsibilities to you. The client intake form is for our records only and the information will not be disseminated to any third parties. The consent to proceed allows Woelber & Cole, LLC to appear for you in court. The waiver allows Woelber & Cole, LLC to obtain a continuance in your case until after we have reviewed all of the State’s evidence and have had a chance to talk to prosecutors.